Tuesday, 30 August 2011


One day, all the animals of a forest gathered to choose their king. The monkey danced such gay abandon there that everyone felt delighted. 

So, his name was proposed for kingship. Everyone voted in his favour and he became the king. But the fox couldn't tolerate the monkey rising to a high position. 

He felt envy of him and decided to humiliate him. One day, the fox was roaming around searching for food and saw a trap laid by some hunter. 

It had a piece of meat in it as bait.The fox was intelligent enough to stay away from the trap. But he was sure that monkey wouldn't. So, he approached the king and brought him to the trap. 

The fox then said, 'Here is a dainty piece of meat, sir! As a true subject of yours, I didn't touch it. So, enjoy it Your Honour!"

The monkey extended his hand for the meat and got trapped. The fox then laughed and said, "Kingship needs a lot of wisdom, sir!"


Once the Wind came to have a false pride of his strength- so much that he challenged the strength of the Sun.

The Son tried to smile away the Wind's challenge but the Wind insisted on a trial of strength. The trial was to be upon a traveler. 

He, who would make the traveler put off his coat, was to be the winner. The Wind had the first attempt. He gathered all his force and came down upon the man trying to blow off his coat off his body. 

But the man felt colder and wrapped it even harder round himself. Now it was the Sun's turn. The Sun shined brightly. As obvious, the man felt quite hot and put off his coat.

So, the Sun came out to be a winner.


There were a large number of birds in an aviary. They were well protected over there. Unluckily, an infectious disease broke out in the aviary. 

As a result, most of the birds fell ill.The keeper felt worried and went looking for a doctor. The time, he was enquiring for a doctor, a cat overheard his talk from which she came to know that the birds in the aviary were unwell.

So, the wicked cat started making plans to reach the aviary someway or the other as she knew that, once inside, she could easily kill many birds and eat them up. 

Thinking hard, she decided to enter the aviary as a doctor. So, she disguised herself as a doctor, took up a chest of medicines and approached the aviary door. 

The wicked cat asked the birds, "How are you? I have come here to cure you. Here are the medicines for your treatment." Wisely, the birds replied, "We are quite all right and need no nursing. So, kindly leave us alone."

This way, the birds saved themselves from becoming the food of the wild beast.

Monday, 29 August 2011


Once an old man and his son were going to the market to sell an ass. They walked along beside the ass. 

A passer-by commented, "How foolish you are! Why don't you ride the ass instead of walking along?" At this, the old man lifted his son onto the ass. 

A little further, another traveler said to the boy, "You rascal! How can you ride the ass, when your old father trudges along?"  The son felt ashamed and made his father sit on the ass.

Then they came across a third person, who was shocked that the old man was riding the ass while his little son walked.The father and the son then tied the ass's legs together and carried it on a pole. 

This amused everyone present there. Angry at being mocked at, they threw the ass into the river. 

Another man, who saw this, saved the ass and took it home.


One day, an argument occurred between a monkey and an elephant about who was better among them. They both went to a lion for settlement. 

The lion said, "Go across the river. There you will find a mango tree. Whosoever, gets a mango from there will be considered better?"

Both went to the river. The river current was very strong. The elephant mocked the monkey, "Sit on my back. I will take you across the river." On reaching across the river, the monkey jumped on the tree and plucked a mango. 

Then he mocked at the elephant, "Now say who is better. Had I not been there, how would you have plucked the mango?"

They both returned to the lion and told their stories. The lion said, "You both are better in your own ways."


One day, a motorist was arrested for driving at a very high speed. He was presented before the judge. 

The judge asked him, "Do you want to say something?" 

The motorist said, "Sir, I am innocent."

The judge asked, "Didn't you read the traffic signboard, 30 km/hr?"

At this, the motorist said, "Sir, how could I have read that message when I was driving at the speed of 60 km/hr?"


One day, a saint while going somewhere with his disciples saw a pond full of fishes, on the way. He stopped there and started filling his mouth with fish. 

The disciples followed their guru. The saint said nothing to them and after some time moved ahead. Then they reached another pond, where there were no fishes. 

The saint stood at its shore and started taking out the fishes he had swallowed. When the disciples saw this, they were amazed and also tried to vomit out the fishes, but after many attempts, they could only take out some dead fishes.

At this, the saint said, "Fools, when you didn't know how to keep the fishes alive in the stomach, then why did you imitate me?" Its truly said that never imitate anyone.


Once there was a man who was very fussy about food. One day, he felt like having some seafood and went to a restaurant and ordered some oysters. 

The man said to the waiter, "Please check that oysters are neither too large nor too small, neither too salty not too fried, neither too fat, nor too thin."

At this the waiter said, "Do you want them with or without pearls?"

The man realized that the waiter was taunting him and understood that one should not be so much fussy about things.


One day, some youths went to a jungle to practice shooting. They kept few pots at a distance and targeted them. None of them could hit even a single pot. 

A saint who was watching them started laughing. One of them went to him and asked, "Why are you laughing? Do you know how to shoot?" 

At this, the saint took the gun and fired at the pots and smashed all of them one by one. The youths were amazed to see this and asked the saint if he was a magician. 

The saint replied, "I am neither a magician nor a sharpshooter. I just concentrated and the result is in front of you. One should always work with concentration."

The youths thanked him for the piece of advice.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Once, a rich lady, having no child of her own, decided, to adopt a girl child. For this, she gave advertisements in various newspapers. 

Many poor women came to sell their daughters to her. The rich lady gave some money to all girls and asked them to go to the market and buy their favourite things. 

On returning, all the girls showed the rich lady, the things they had bought. Most of them had bought ribbons, clothes and other things for themselves but one poor girl had bought a prayer book and a needle. 

The lady got impressed with the poor girl and adapted her saying that the girl really knew the essence of worship and hard work.


On his deathbed, a father advised his son to always speak truth. The son promised that he would never tell a lie. 

One day, while going to the city through a forest, he got surrounded by some robbers. One of them asked, "What do you have?" The boy answered, "I have fifty rupees."

They searched him but couldn't find anything. When they were about to go, the boy called out, "I am not telling a lie. See this fifty rupee note which I had hidden in my shirt.

The leader of the robbers felt pleased at the truthfulness of the boy, gave him hundred rupees as reward and went away.


Once upon a time a goat was grazing near her master's cottage. All of a sudden, she saw green grass growing on the roof of the cottage. 

Deciding to enjoy it, she leaped onto the roof and started browsing the green shoots of the grass. Just then a wolf came there and seeing the goat, his mouth started watering. 

But he was unable to get to the roof of the cottage. So, he turned to go away to look for some other prey.

The goat saw the wolf licking his chops. So, she laughed in her sleeves and looked at him with jeering eyes. The wolf being helpless had to tolerate this mockery.

While walking away, the wolf looked up and said, "Young lady! Its not you who is mocking at me but it is the height at which you are standing. Your high position has given you your value."


It was hot summer. A lion went to a pool to drink water. Just then a pig also came there to quench his thirst. Both of them wanted to drink first.

They looked at each other with blood-shot eyes and attacked each other with so much anger that soon they started bleeding. Feeling tired, both stopped for a while to be fresh. 

Suddenly, they heard the screams of vultures. They saw that a large number of vultures were looking at them with longing eyes. In no time, both the beasts understood that the vultures were waiting for one of them to be killed by the other so that they might feed on his dead body.

So both of them became friends, quenched their thirst and went away.

Thus, their friendship saved their lives.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Once there was a crow that lived near a farm-house. The owner of the farm had kept some pigeons and he fed them with grains regularly. 

The crow looked at the pigeons and envied them everyday. Deciding to share the feed, the crow painted his body like that of pigeons and joined the pigeons as one of them. 

Thus, he was able to enjoy the feed daily. The pigeons never suspected anything foul. But one day, after the feed, the crow couldn't control himself and started crying. 

The pigeons came to know that he was not one of them. They pecked at his body so mercilessly that he started bleeding. 

The crow flew away to save his life and went straight to his own brethren- the crows. But because of his painted body, they refused to accept him. So, he was forced to flee in order to save himself and became a homeless wanderer.

So, don't pose what you are not because affectation seldom works.


Once upon a time there was a pasture near the edge of a forest. Shepherds of the nearby villages came there with their flocks. 

While the flocks grazed, the shepherds spent their time playing various games.At the end of the pasture, there was a big tree having a big hollow but with a narrow opening to get in. the shepherds used to put their lunch packets in that hollow. 

In the afternoon, they took them out and enjoyed their mid-day meals together.One day a hungry fox happened to come that way. 

He got the flavour of lunch packets and followed it to reach the hollow. His belly was sunk inside due to hunger. 

So, he was able to get inside the hollow without much difficulty.He ate up the contents of all the lunch packets. His belly puffed up on both sides and he was not able to come out of the hollow. 

Soon the shepherds came there for their lunch packets. They found the fox there and gave him a sound beating.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Jupiter, the chief of gods, was getting married. He decided to celebrate the event by hosting a reception. He invited all the animals living on land and in water to attend the banquet.

All the animals came to attend the feast but the tortoise didn't come. Jupiter was surprised at his absence.

After few days, Jupiter came across the tortoise and asked him, "Why didn't you attend the banquet held in honour of my marriage? Were you all right?" 

The tortoise retorted, "I am a stay-at-home type of an animal and never care to attend petty affairs. Why should I trouble myself when there is no place like home?"

Though, the tortoise said something very true, but the way he said it was very hurting. Jupiter felt pinched and cursed the tortoise, "Now, you will always carry your home on your back and never be able to unload it."

Till today, every tortoise carries his home with him.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


It was a hot summer day. A fox and a goat were very thirsty. Looking around for a place to quench their thirst, they came across a well that had very little water in it. 

They both were so thirsty that they got down into it and quenched their thirst. Having had their fill, the goat wondered how they would get out of the well.

The fox said, "Don't worry. You leave that to me. All you have to do is stand firm, while I'll climb up with your help. Once I get out, I'll pull you up."

The goat unaware of the fox's shrewdness, agreed and soon the fox was out. Once out, it went its way, leaving the poor goat behind.


A poor woodcutter accidentally dropped his axe into the river. He was very upset, as he had no money to buy another axe.

Just then a fairy appeared in the river holding out a golden axe to him. "I found this axe in the river. Is this yours?" 

"That's not mine", replied the woodcutter.

The fairy then brought out a silver axe. The woodcutter disowned this one too. 

Finally, the fairy held out a wooden axe. Smiling with happiness, the woodcutter said, "That's mine. Thank you very much."

The fairy felt very happy seeing his honesty and said, 'Such honesty deserves a reward." She gave the poor man all the three axes and disappeared.


Once a fox was very hungry and roaming around in search of food. Luckily, it saw a crow on a tree with a morsel in its beak. 

The fox wanted that bit of food very badly. So, it flattered the crow about its beauty and its lovely voice. 

The foolish crow believed what the fox said and started singing. 

The bit of food that it held in its beak fell to the ground and the fox ate it up. The fox laughed and said, "I may have praised your voice, but I said nothing about your brain.


Once upon a time, a hungry fox was roaming around here and there searching for food. Because of hunger, he was feeling weak and tired. 

Fortunately, he came to a garden where he saw a grape-vine laden with bunches of grapes they looked quite ripe and juicy.

The fox looked at the grapes with longing eyes and licked his chops. But the bunches were too high for him and he was feeling weak. 

So he sat down for a while to take some rest. On feeling refreshed, he jumped as high as he could, to get at the grapes. But he failed to reach them.

Then he again rested for some time and made another bold attempt, but was unlucky for the second time. 

Forced to give up trying anymore, he just walked away and instead of accepting his failure, he remarked "the grapes appeared to be ripe and juicy, but now I see them to be quite sour."

This story, thus, proves that, people generally hate what they can't get.


Once upon a time, there was a renowned saint. Many people used to visit him to get his blessings. 

Once a rich and greedy merchant went to him and offered him a bag full of gold coins. The saint refused to accept the offerings and said, "I don't accept money from people who are very poor."

The merchant said, "But I'm very rich" 

"Don't you wish to earn more money?" asked the saint.

"Yes, said the merchant.

"Those who wish for money always run after it. They can do anything to acquire it. No one is as poor as these people" said the saint. 

The merchant felt ashamed and went back to his home.


Rahul was a sharp and intelligent boy. One day, his father got back from his office and called him in a harsh tone. Rahul got frightened and came immediately. 

He thought, "Dad just arrived from his office. Why is he calling me so harshly? Is he angry with me?"

Father said in a rough tone, 'Coincidentally, I met your teacher and she told me that everyday you reach school late. Why?"

Rahul thought for a while and said, 'I'm not responsible for anything. They ring the school bell before I reach the school." 

Father praised Rahul for such a witty answer, but asked him to reach the school on time.


One day, a villager while going to the city on his horse, saw that one of the horseshoes had loosened up, but he didn't pay attention towards it and kept riding. 

After covering some distance, the horseshoe came off but still he didn't stop.

Suddenly, he got surrounded by dacoits and had no other alternative but to hand over all his belongings to them. 

If he had repaired the horseshoe, he could have escaped from there. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Once, a rich boy went to visit his native village. It was a sunny afternoon and he was feeling very hungry. So, he bought some food from a farmer and sat under a tree to eat. 

Suddenly, he saw a poor boy standing at a distance and found that he was very hungry. He decided to leave some food for the poor boy. But, as he was very hungry, he forgot. He ate all the things. 

When he drank water, he saw something written at the base of the vessel, "Those who don't care for poor have no right to have food."

So the rich boy bought some food for the poor boy and gave it to him.


One cold morning, a poor shepherd was grazing his cattle in a pasture. He neither had enough clothes to wear nor even a pair of shoes. 

Suddenly, a man came there on a horse, a famous dacoit. He dismounted, went to the shepherd and said, "Come and work with me. I will give you clothes and shoes. You will not have to worry even for your food."

At this the shepherd replied, "I am content being a shepherd. At least I have peace of mind which you don't have." 

Hearing this, the dacoit got stunned and immediately went to the police station and surrendered.


Once a rat that was feeling bored, came out of his hole to see the world. He went to a garden where he saw a big cat and got frightened. 

So, he hid himself under a big leaf that was the dwelling place of a tortoise.The tortoise yelled at him, "What are you doing here?"

The rat fled from there in search of another shelter and happened to pass over a gardener's feet. The gardener shouted at him, "What are you doing here?" Go back to your home. 

The rat fled away from there and ran straight to his hole, took a sigh of relief and thought, "East or West, home is the best."


Once a shepherd while grazing his cattle in the pastures happened to be seen by the king of that kingdom. The shepherd was in a jovial mood. 

When the king asked him the reason of his happiness, the shepherd without knowing that he was the king said, "Shouldn't I be happy? I am happier than the king of our kingdom." 

When the king asked him to prove this, he replied, "I have the wealth of this nature. The sun gives me warmth and light, the blue sky pampers me and this valley gives me peace of mind. I have enough money to live a comfortable life. Now tell me, does the king have so much wealth?"

The king realized that the real wealth is not money but the peace of mind.


In a village, there was a clever cock that used to wake up the villagers by his crowing. Once a jackal went to him and said, "I have heard that you have a lovely voice." The cock felt pleased on hearing his praise. He at once started crowing "Cock-a-doodle-doo."

The jackal got an opportunity. He at once caught hold of the cock by his teeth and fled towards the jungle. Seeing this, the villagers ran after the jackal. 

The cock thought of a plan and said to jackal, "Look, the villagers are after you. Tell them that I am yours and not theirs." 

As soon as the jackal opened his mouth, the cock ran away to the villagers.


Once, a boy went to a pond to catch fish. He lay down on the shore of the pond and put his left arm inside the pond.

Then he waited for the fish to fall into his trap.Just then he felt as if some fish had caught his hand. He took out his arm and saw that it was not a fish but a snake.

At once, he shook his hand and the snake fell into the water again.

An old man watching all this, came to him and said, "Always think twice before doing anything. Doing foolish things can sometimes cost you your life."


Everyday, a shepherd used to take his cows for grazing. He had tied a bell to each of the cows he had so that he could know where they were grazing. The best cow had a costly bell tied around her neck.

One day, a stranger was going through the pasture. Seeing the costly bell around the cow's neck, he went to the shepherd and asked if he would sell the bell.

Out of greed, the shepherd sold the bell. But now he could not know where his best cow was grazing. On getting an opportunity, the stranger stole the cow.

Thus, the shepherd lost his best cow just because of his greed.

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