Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Wolf And The Goat

Once a wolf saw a goat atop a hill and said, "Come down here , Miss Goat! The grass here is greener and longer."

"Thank You," answered the goat , "the grass down there may be much better. But, if I come down you will get a good meal. So, I prefer to stay here - where you can't reach. At least I am quite safe."


Once upon a time two cats found a piece of cheese and cut it into two pieces. But one piece was slightly bigger than the other. Both the cats wanted the bigger piece. 

Then they went to a monkey and asked to sort out the matter. The monkey said, "Don't worry. I'll make both the pieces equal." 

Then it took a bite from the bigger piece. But this made the other piece larger. So it took a bite from the other piece. This continued till the pieces became very small. 

Seeing this, the cats pleaded, "Sir! We are satisfied. Let us have the pieces now." The shrewd monkey replied, "This is my fee for sorting out the problem." 

Saying this, it gobbled up the remaining cheese.